Best blender for smoothies

Are you trying to eat more organic food but finding it too expensive? You’re not alone. There’s no easy way to dramatically cut costs (even our readers agree!), but here are some helpful tips and tricks.

KNOW YOUR STUFF Organic produce is often more expensive due to the level of regulation in the industry – it’s neither a quick nor cheap process to get a farm blender for smoothies

If you shop at growers’ markets, look out for ‘in conversion’ produce (a farm that’s not yet certified but is on its way). They tend not to charge as much so you can nab a bargain while they are still in transition. Vitamix 7500 – the best blender for smoothies is highly recommended.

2 EVERYTHING ORGANIC? The US-based Environmental Working Group (EWG), has created two lists to help shoppers decide which fruit and vegetables are worth spending the extra money to buy organic versions of and which you don’t need to worry about so much. The Clean Fifteen lists the produce the EWG claims you don’t need to buy organic because they’re not sprayed as much with pesticides (keep in mind this is based on US practices). They include such staples as onions, corn, avocados, pineapple and cauliflower. The produce on the Dirty Dozen list often has more pesticides and includes apples, grapes, strawberries and spinach.

SHOP THE SHOPS We all try to shop seasonally, and it’s vital when you’re trying to save money. This applies even more so to organic food. Fresh is best, but lots of cereals and healthy packaged goods have organic versions, too. Look out for specials and consider bulk buying when possible.

4 ICE COLD Now that you’ve grabbed a bargain buying produce during peak season, it’s time to freeze! Look for how-to guides online for freezing produce or make your favourite recipes and freeze portions to enjoy them long after peak season has past!



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